I am in Cambodia for the first time and what is up with these predator ‘great grandpa’s’???

Why are most of the ‘foreigners’ I see here Old white men and why are they hunting these girls SMH????

3 min readFeb 16


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I mean, I see younger white men and a few others too LOL but I am noticing something that is kind of disturbing to me (100% my view on this so don’t come for me, or do haha it is still my opinion or maybe it is a “culture shock for me, I don’t know. All I know is that it kind of disturbs my soul.)

So how do I write this without being to judgemental or sounding crazy…

Walking around downtown Phnom Penh and along the Mekong river, I notice so many old white men and when I say old I mean oooooooold with young, crazy young Cambodian girls.

Not that looks or age matters, but back home there is no way these guys would be getting these young girls (Or am I being too judgemental here?)

I happened to have a drink at a bar which was next to a mmm how to say? Let’s call it a call-girl-place lol and WOW, those girls were so freakin young(one looked like she was about my 11 year old daughters age or a year or two older) and as soon as these ooooold grandpas or more like great-grandpa’s walked past all I heard was “HAAALLLOOOO”, or something that sounded like hello but not exactly.

I burst out laughing (yeah, I know I should not have, but I didn't mean to, but at the same time it was kind of funny, yet strange, yet I felt somewhat mortified!) Having weird images in my head of these poor babies having to do God knows what with “bad grandpa”

I pictured my own kid and how I would choke slam her if she ever did such shit (lol just kidding, but you know what I mean)

Is there no other way for these beautiful girls to make money here? There has to be!!! (Can y’all help me think of something). Honestly as funny as it was seeing this, it also kinda really breaks my heart.

I know I am from a supposedly ‘third world country” South Africa (which since I started travelling I must say does not seem as “third world” as the West make us out to be. Yes we have poverty and issues, but from what I have seen in most aspects we are so lucky and blessed to come from a country where we might not get paid as much as the west, but for the most we live good, in a beautiful country filled with opportunities. Corrupt, but still!!! Plus our parents would beat the shit out of us and we would never hear the end of it!

Anyway, tell your grandpa’s and great grandpa’s to chill and go find a date at the Bingo and leave these kids alone, cos I am 100% sure if they had enough money they would not be doing this!!!

On the other hand I could understand if grandpa was at least handsome and dressed well, buuuuuuuuut and that is a very very big but!

Anyway, that’s all folks Lol (but seriously, there has to be another way for them.)