The yes girl

Sometimes I annoy myself cos I’m always saying yes to things, even if I don’t really want to do them. (not drugs, though, thats a hard NO!)

2 min readApr 8, 2022


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I genuinely like seeing or making people happy, not because I am a people pleaser. It is just really nice to see people happy and smiling and knowing that you somehow contributed to that bit of joy.

But…. and a big but! Somehow, most people see this as a weakness and seem to pray on this trait.

I am not sure if people are just so not use to anyone genuinly caring or wanting to look out for them, that when someone truly wants to help or do things for them, they see it as an opportunity to suck the life out of the ‘goodness’/help or deed or whatever it may be.

  • I say yes to go to parties, my friends don’t want to go to alone, while hating every single moment being in that environment.
  • I have said yes to doing what everyone else wants or expects me to do, putting my own goals on hold just for the sake of others

BUT now im left wondering why is it so hard to say NO????

NO NO NO NO, i need to start saying NO or speaking up on things I am not comfortable with because this YES word is starting to hold me back from bigger and better.

Does anyone else feel like this at times?