What makes a niche profitable?

4 min readApr 18, 2022
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Before you can start designing a product or service, you have to determine if there is an audience out there that will be willing to purchase what you’re offering before you invest too much time building a website and producing content.

This means that you need to think about how you’re going to monetize your product or service and whether the niche that you’re thinking of choosing will support the business model that you have in mind. It is essential to understand that some niches vary drastically in terms of profitability.

To fully understand this, you need to consider the available options that you have for monetization. One of these options is advertising. This requires placing banner ads or Google Ads on your website. This is probably the least profitable way for monetizing your niche because you end up sending visitors away from your site every time they click on an ad.

You also need to consider if those advertisers are willing to pay for your traffic. They have to have a way to make more money from your site visitors than you are.

These advertisers are most likely making money by selling something. If they are selling something, then they’ll be able to keep the lion’s share of the profit from each visitor while at the same time keeping them engaged with their brand. Eventually, this is what you want to be doing with your site.

You can do this by either creating a product on your own, ideally a digital product like an eBook, or by selling a product that you didn’t create. This is what is known as affiliate marketing. Of course, you can also sell a service.

One thing that you have to consider before you choose your niche it that some niches lend themselves to products that you can sell much more quickly than others, which will end up having an impact on your advertising fee as well.

If there isn’t anything that your advertisers can sell in your niche, then they won’t be willing to pay very much to appear on your website. So, what does this mean in regards to a niches’ profitability? It means that the niches that have a lot of products that can be sold will be the most profitable for you.

  • For example, picking a niche like “Fortnite” wouldn’t be a good choice, since it is an online video…