Why finding a niche is important.

4 min readApr 18, 2022
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Smart business owners try to sell their products and services to a niche base of customers by conducting detailed market research with a focus on trying to understand the consumer behavior of the target audience that is interested in that niche. This addresses their needs, concerns, and desires.

Once the research that you conduct shows that consumers are interested in the niche product or service that you are planning to sell, then you can start to cater to them as much as possible by providing them with a range of items for sale at various price points.

When it comes to niches, you have to remember that some of the products will have a much broader appeal than others.

For example, there will be more customers interested in golf products for beginners, than customers looking for advanced information on golf because they are hoping to become a pro golfer.

Focusing on products for beginners will help you increase sales based on volume by offering a lower price point to a more significant number of customers. However, while there may be fewer advanced students looking for information and products on golf, the exclusive, high-level information that you can provide could command a much higher price than the eBooks that focus on a beginner’s level.